SHINee Dream Girl Showcase 13.02.20

Soooo…. with some help from my friends, and lot of patience and free time, I got to go to the Dream Girl Showcase yesterday!!! 

It was great. I had a good seat (thanks to hours of waiting outside in the bitter cold) so i really enjoyed myself. I wanted to do a legit fan account, but i missed that bus timing wise, and since it was a live broadcast i sort of don’t see the point. I also only didn’t bother with a camera so it’s not like i have legit pictures to share. So i’ll write about the highlights for me instead.

It was amazing.The boys were really funny and lively. Especially jongyu. Minho and Key were also adorable. I love that it’s Minho now using Key as a support bean whenever he needs to laugh. They sexy picture taking time… LULZ is all i can say to that.

Their singing was lovely. I wasn’t sure what would/wouldn’t be live, but I was so happy that almost everything was live (minus dream girl, but i guess that’s understandable). It is just so nice to see how much control they have vocally and how much they have all improved. ㅜㅠ ESPECIALLY Taemin. That kid just snuck out of nowhere and stole my attention for most of the evening… He’s such a great performer. They all are, but i think his improvement in the last two years is just the most striking (to me).  

떠나지 못해 nearly killed me. Hearing that live, especially Taemin’s long note, just sent shivers down my spine. It was so impressive. Their vocals were so touching. Dream Girl is SOOOOO goood in person. the MV (and the mnet countdown performance… sigh) don’t do the dance justice at all. it has to be seen as a unified whole. Also, i loved the hideous clothes… just… so shinee. 

It was such a treat. and free… FREE. SM WHEN DID YOU BECOME SO GOOD TO US? I’m not sure what else i can say… I mean, other than trying to type out the ugly fangirl noises i was making on the inside that day.