I was very surprised with this picture.
In the middle of a concert, he went to the fans and let them touch his face.
How brave of him.

A lot of fans lose their minds and hit/scratch the idols.
As a Shawol, I was surprised and worried for him but I changed my mind when I saw this picture.
Jonghyun looks comfortable and Shawol noonas are carefully touching him.

This is how the idols and fans trust each others.


I can see how he trusts Shawols.
When the recordings get delayed, he goes down to the floor and have mini fan meetings without security guards. He comfortably talks to the fans. 
Shinee, we’ll always protect you. Thank you for trusting us. 
And good work with the concert, boys.
1. [+120, -3] A recording once got delayed so Jonghyun and Onew went out to have their own fan meeting. There was no fence or anything but Shawols kept a safe distance from Jonghyun.



2. [+104, -1] The fans are treating him as if he’s a precious jewelry lol. I think Shawol noonas won’t even forgive their fellow Shawols if they touch Shinee inappropriately. I’m so proud to be a Shawol.
3. [+101, -1] Apparently, the fans told him to go back because they were worried that he would get hurt… I’m touched with Shawols <3
4. [+43, -0] Funniest story at a Shinee concert: Taemin’s shoe was thrown into the standing area. A fan picked it up and shouted, “EXCUSE ME!! OUR TAEMINIE’S SHOE!! OUR TAMINIE’S SHOE IS HERE!! PLEASE HELP TAEMINIE TO HAVE HIS SHOE BACK!!” And the fans started passing the shoe until Taemin got it back. I was gonna die of a laughter at this story lol.
5. [+39, -0] Idol fandoms are all different and Shinee fans are known to be so careful. They cutely call “Jonghyun-ah~~ Minho-ya~~~” And the questions the fans ask are “are you sick or anything? Did you eat? What did you eat?” and the PDs smile at the fans.. The fans and the Shinee are very careful. Shawols once sent meat as a present, and the meat was marked like “cooked rare for Taemin, please make sure to also give this salad for Kibum” I thought they were professors of food department lol
6. [+37, -0] At concerts, Shawols fall into a silence when Shinee starts talking. 
7. [+36, -0] Minho was cooking pasta at a pasta event. When he was putting oil in the frying pan, the fans were like “ahyu…..” and when he was throwing in the veggies, they were like “aigoo so cute” and Minho said, “guys I still haven’t done anything hahaha” 
8. [+33, -0] A huge part of the reason why I’m a Shawol is because of my fandom…. Shinee is good to their fans but us fans are also taking care of Shinee. Shinee members once all came down and went to fans. I was worried, but the fans touched them as if they were touching babies… Yesterday, Key finished recording the Toheart performance and he opened the window of his car to say bye, and the fans told him to close the window because he was sick. The fans all said “Kibum-ah, you’ll get more sick~ hurry up and close the window~ Go and rest~”. It’s amazing how they first take care of the members before fulfilling their wishes of seeing the members. I hope this relationship would remain. I love you Shinee. Thank you Shinee World <3
9. [+32, -1] I was one of those Shawols in the picture. My hand was shaking so hard. I touched him as carefully as possible. I was worried that people in the back might push us but they all stayed still. He really trusts his fans. Minho once said he’s gonna do the best fanservice and Jonghyun asked what is it, and Minho answered he’s gonna kiss the fans.

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